Non-Disclosure Agreement

This document serves as acceptance through mutual agreement of the existence of a binding and confidential relationship, and acknowledgement of the absolute right of ownership by The LaPaul Freeman Project to the Intellectual Property {inclusive of its derivative and subordinate projects} known as Roach War Chronicles and Roach Wars (Working Titles).

I agree that I will not discuss, disclose, or in any material way, share the information related to this project, which will be provided by The LaPaul Freeman Project with any party without the express written consent of The LaPaul Freeman Project and that I will not alter for my own, or anyone else’s use, any of the project content that will be transmitted upon agreeing to this document.

This agreement in no way guarantees, or suggests, that you or your company will be employed, or compensated for time or expenses as it pertains to the development and evaluation of  Roach War Chronicles and Roach Wars.


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