Warning: do not use these samples on your live server or remove them after tests. This samples really work and they allow any user to upload files to your server, if the user knows the sample URL.

Pure ASP file upload sample list

      1. Upload samples - base samples

      Upload-Base.ASP - shortes ASP server-side code, simple upload of three files, without additional fields. ASP code specifies only Form.SizeLimit (maximum size of upload), Server.ScriptTimeout (maximum time to do upload) and DestinationPath (folder to store uploaded files).
      Upload-Progress.ASP - sample upload of three files with progress bar and additional text field.
      Upload-ProgressGal.ASP - several types of progress bar indicators (customized progress bars).
      Upload-Images-FileSize-Unique-Notification.ASP - sample with extended image upload features:       Upload-ChooseDest.ASP - demonstrates upload to a specified destination, you can select destination folder in the source form.
      Upload-Email-Progress.asp - "Upload to email", upload a file and send the file as an attachment of email message.
      db-file-to-binary.asp - "upload to database", demontrates uploading and storing files in server-side database
      db-file-to-disk.asp - upload of files to server disk and store upload info (file path) in server-side database
      Simple web - manage.asp - Simple file manager. Let's you create folders, upload files with progress, download one file or multiple files with zip/arj compression.
      Upload-Unique-names.asp - Store files with unique file names on server-side (not overwrite existing files)

      Upload-Limit-File.ASP - upload with limitted size of files.
      Upload-Notification.ASP - Upload with email notification to administrator
      Upload-cause-read.asp - (only hugeasp file upload)demonstrates reading part of a source data (text, hidden and checkbox fields) when source data size exceeds a form limit.
      JS-Upload-Base.ASP - (only hugeasp file upload) Sample upload written in JScript on server-side ASP

Conversion samples (external samples)

      base64-decoder-encoder.asp - Online base64 decoder and encoder. Decode/encode data from/to files and text fields.
      binary-file-to-sql-hexstring.asp - Sample for HexString property (base16). Create an sql command to insert/update binary or image field in a database.
      punycode-decoder-encoder.asp - Online sample for Punycode property of ByteArray. Punycode conversion, IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) conversion.
      charset-codepage-conversion.asp - Online conversion between codepages/character sets.

Another Form samples

      form-url-encode-utf-8.asp - (only hugeasp file upload)Plain x-www-form-urlencoded form, with UNICODE text and NO real limit (2GB)
      db-synchronize.asp - upload and binary database fields. It let's you synchronize client-side and server-side database records.
      ~Upload-Check-Requirements.asp (only hugeasp file upload) - Checks required user accounts and rights to required folders (temp), evaluation expiration date
      bytearray-store-large-data.asp (only hugeasp file upload) - store of large RAW binary data stream using ScriptUtils.ByteArray and Block-by-block reading (to save server memory).
      Upload-Progress-Cookie.ASP (only hugeasp file upload) - Progress bar realized using cookies, not by querystring.

Partial and features samples

      db-bytearay.asp - Store files to a DB with one row of code - RS("Data") = Form("DBFile").ByteArray
      db-HexString.asp - Store files to a DB using hexstring (base16), one block.
      db-appendchunk.asp - Store very large files (up to 100th of megabytes) to a database using block-by-block and AppendChunk method of a recordset, for MDB/Jet.
      db-HexStringChunk.asp - Store very large files (up to 100th of megabytes) to a database using block-by-block and hexstring (base16), for MS SQL.
      db-store-save.asp - file to disk, upload info to DB
      Field-Name.asp - work with field names
      Field-Save.asp - Save method of a field and form object.
      Field-SaveAs-I.asp - Save source files with new unique names
      Fields-Count.asp - sample for count property, count of fileds and values for multiple selects and other form fields
      Form-MultiItem.asp - sample for multiitems (multiple select form fields)
      Form-Texts.asp - work with form text fields (non-file fields)
      preview-text.asp - preview a text or HTML file, before upload
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