Video Verification of Alarm Events: This service is available to better assist the operator in dispatching the responding authorities. In many jurisdiction audio and or video verification of an actual burglary event is required prior to any police response. In areas where it is not required by ordinance the addition of information provided to the police by our live video footage of the incident has an immediate impact on the level of response provided by the police and increases the capture rate of the perpetrators. Most obviously, adding live video surveillance to your contracted security services will provide more of a deterrent than a passive video system.

Video Assisted Open and Close: This service provides customers with a true open and close verification of the exact individuals and their possessions entering and exiting the store during scheduled open and close times.

Video Assisted Cash Drawer Count/Bank Drop: Provides customers with the security of knowing that a live operator is watching your cash counts being done by the employee. All beginning and ending totals are entered into our system with the actual recorded live audio and video of the event. In addition to cataloguing each money drop and making the live event available on the web an email is sent detailing the recorded opening cash till amount, cash and credit sale amount, cash deposit amount, and closing cash till amount. This service will undoubtedly more accurately control the cash in any retail environment and add the benefit of video detailed live reporting to any Point of Sale System.

Video and Audio Shopper Announcement: This service is offered to discourage shoplifting by providing a scheduled live announcement to shoppers that audio and video surveillance is in progress. The announcements are done live by skilled loss prevention officers and are therefore not ignored like the prerecorded messages used in the past.

Remote Guard Tour: Adding Remote Video Monitoring to your overall suite of property management tools provides a more effective way to manage a reduced amount of on-site guards or in many cases to eliminate them completely. With the proper installation of a network of video cameras, specially trained video security operators can tour your facility 24/7 and notify personnel with important information. Customizable to your needs, remote monitoring is adjustable to focus attention on high priority areas during the hours of the day when loss is most likely to occur.